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Here are some tips to help you survive the summer heat while pregnant:

  1. Stay cool and hydrated.  Dehydration can cause uterine contractions.  Therefore, it is important to drink lots of water.  You can also drink sports drinks.  Additionally, wear light colored clothing and do outdoor tasks in the morning or evening when the sun is lower and temperatures are cooler.  When you are outdoors, cold compresses can help you stay cool.
  2. Protect your skin.  Pregnant women are more susceptible to melasma, also known as the mask of pregnancy (splotchy marks on the face).  Prevent this from developing by keeping your face and upper chest away from tanning lamps and excessive sunlight.  Protect your skin by applying sunscreen multiple times a day, and wearing hats, especially those with wide brims that cover your face and neck.
  3. Ditch the flip flops.  While flip flops are cute, your center of balance is off during pregnancy so it’s a good idea to opt for shoes/ sandals with more support.
  4. Take a swim.  Swimming is an excellent form of exercise during pregnancy, and it will help keep you cool.

Prop your feet up and relax.  If you feel like the summer heat is becoming unbearable, try to clear your calendar and take some time to relax.  If it doesn’t absolutely need to be done now, or by you, don’t do it. #DrNita

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