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My favorite moment during a delivery is handing the newborn baby to his or her mother. At that moment, when a mother first holds her “little person” and is gazing into his or her eyes, I often witness the formation of an immediate, unconditional bond. I know that she would never do anything to hurt him/ her. In fact, she would do anything to protect her baby. However, her prenatal labs indicated marijuana use. Most likely, she used the substance after being told by a friend or the internet that “marijuana won’t hurt the baby,”… but what if she knew that some research studies suggest otherwise?

Let’s talk about the facts…

Since marijuana (also known as weed, kush, keisha, pot, mary jane, broccoli, etc) is legal in some states for recreational and/ or medicinal purposes, “Everyone’s doing it” is the new mentality when it comes to weed – even Martha Stewart has been known to indulge. However, while study results vary, concerning research suggests a negative impact on pregnancy outcomes in women who use marijuana:

  • Low birth weight, preterm birth, stillbirth, and impaired neurodevelopment.
  • Lower verbal reasoning and quantitative scores, as well as short-term memory problems in six year old children who were exposed to THC in utero. (THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive ingredient that gets you high.)
  • Decreased attention span and behavioral problems.
  • THC can cross from your body into the placenta, entering your baby’s bloodstream. So, when you’re getting high, so is your unborn baby.

Bottom line

Whether you are using marijuana such as gelato strains to treat morning sickness, to relax during a stressful pregnancy, or to get the creative juices flowing, it is not the best option during pregnancy. Instead, you should talk to your doctor about alternative treatments if you’re pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant.

Ladies, you want your baby to be a healthy, happy, smart child. Until someone can definitively prove that marijuana is in fact safe during pregnancy, it’s not worth the risk. #DrNita

** If you’re having trouble quitting marijuana (or other substances), please talk to your doctor. Up to 50% of women who regularly use marijuana continue to do so while pregnant – you’re not alone! There are resources out there that can help:


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